Tombstone Tuesday: Loomis Siblings

Loomis Sibling Marker at Green Lawn Cemetery
Loomis Cemetery Marker for four siblings
Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio

When I come across interesting stones, I feel need to share. This would be one of them. On the surface, this looks like an ordinary stone. However, it is the grave marker for four siblings. As I was searching for information about Edwin and John, if finally dawned on me that the birth dates of these individuals could be siblings. I found John D. Loomis as head of the household to his siblings in the 1900 US Census but not the head in the 1930 US Census. I found John in the 1880 US Census which gave me a clue for the parent's names. Finally, I searched for Margaret's Death Index Entry and that gave me the parent's full names. And then I had the pieces all fit together.

Maybe I'm doing too much work for people I'm not even related to. But it feels good to update Find A Grave with photos and the relationship of the individuals in the plot sections.


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