Tombstone Tuesday: Who is Dorothy Banta?

Smith Marker in Green Lawn Cemetery Ohio

This is a collective stone for five persons buried in Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio. I've been able to identify Helen G Smith as the daughter of Perry W and Minnie E Smith. So Perry and Minnie are the parents on this stone and are flanked by their daughter Helen. I haven't confirmed whether Harold is the son of Perry and Minnie Smith. But it seems likely given the ages.

But I can not figure out Dorothy M Banta. Is Smith even in her name? Is she a daughter or grand daughter? The date of Dec 21, 1986 is a death date but I can't figure anything further out.

Now, I took this picture solely as a volunteer who snapped additional photos while I was in the section for my particular ancestors. I'm sure if I called the Green Lawn Cemetery office, I could solve this particular mystery easy enough. However, since this is a volunteer photo (and I have several similar stones needing more information), I'm not entirely motivated to call up Green Lawn.

So, I've posted it on this blog in hopes someone just might come across it and help me out. Otherwise, in the future, when I'm curious enough, I'll figure out who is Dorothy M Banta.


  1. I couldn't resist! A quick look at Genealogy Bank - no obituary, but death notice for Dec 31, 1986, in the Columbus Dispatch and the SSDI shows death of Dec 1986 and birth of May 1903. In, I find Perry and Minnie and daughter Helen in 1900 census in Columbus. Then in 1910 in Columbus, I find widowed Perry, 12-year-old Helen, 6-year-old Dorothy and his mother, Minerva, 52 years old. That's as far as I've gone, but there you go - I'll theorize that Dorothy was the last to die of this family. I'll leave it to someone else to find her marriage record and if she had any children.

  2. Elizabeth... you're the best! Thank you.

    I don't have a Genealogy Bank subscription. Does it really have obituaries from Columbus Dispatch? That would be worth at least a free month's trial.

    I could have checked my subscription for the Census records. I guess I didn't think about that. I was entering so many files in and checking for the Ohio Death Records. Thanks for acting on your curiosity.

    1. Yes, GenealogyBank has obituaries from the Columbus Dispatch for "7/16/1985 – Current" as part of its Recent Obituaries collection. There are also several other Columbus newspapers in its collection.


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