Tombstone Tuesday: No Stone for Cora

What happens when a woman who has been married multiple survives her last husband? That's the question I was hoping to have answered when I requested Cora Peak's stone through

William Talbot Peak gravestone
William Talbot Peak gravestone
Photo by Devon Lee
Cora (Rogers) Peak was the second wife of William T. Peak, She was previously married to a Benjamin Feather, of New York, and they had two children Austin Morris Feather and Bertha M Feather. Cora remarried in 1922 a man named Isaac Heindel in Logan County, Ohio but that marriage ended in divorce with no children. Cora remarried again, this time to William in 1924. So not only was she a second wife to William, she was on her third marriage. She wasn't mentioned by descendants of William's first wife, and that's no wonder.

When I visited Green Lawn Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio, I found a stone for him and his first wife. But I didn't think to check for Cora's stone. Also, I've had mixed experiences with the office stay and their willingness to help. I decided to utilized the power of the crowd and sought out help from a gravestone volunteer.

The volunteer did not find a stone for Cora or the addition of her name to the large vertical monument to William. Seems like her name could have easily been added. However, Cora was the second wife and her kin were in Texas or New York. So, it's quite likely that this little detail was overlooked. Or could it have been banned? I guess I'll never know. What I do know, is that Cora has no stone.


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