Tombstone Tuesday: Successes and Not

Grave markers help me to learn more clues to solve the mystery of my ancestors' lives. Sometimes markers can be found. Other times, they cannot. It's important to record what is available so that others do not duplicate work.

To prevent further efforts wasted searching for stones that do not exist, I want to report on some of my recent photo requests through Those volunteers willing to search cemetery sections looking for non-existent stones are simply wonderful, even if a photo was not made available. I thank you.

Isaac Heindel
b. Sep. 16, 1860 in Lima, Allen County, Ohio, USA
d. Oct. 10, 1938 in West Jefferson, Madison County, Ohio, USA
Isaac is the second husband of Cora (Rogers) Feather Heindel Peak

Although a death record indicated that he was buried in Hathaway Cemetery, no grave marker was found.

Could this be Maggie's stone? I'm doubtful but I need to
investigate further. Photo by Devon Lee
Marguerita Magdalena "Maggie" Hoppe Geiszler
b. Apr. 4, 1861 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA
d: Feb. 3, 1921 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA

The gravestone for Magdalena was not found during my visit in 2012. She's supposed to be buried on the same plot as her sister Annie Ross (Sect 46, Lot 46). A volunteer confirmed my belief that there is no specific stone for Maggie Geiszler. There is a stone with just Maggie on it. I'll have to check with the Cemetery office to see if there are other Maggies around Annie Ross' plot or if this is indeed Maggie's stone.

James Pleasant Geisler
b: Jul. 20, 1858 in South Bloomfield, Pickaway County, Ohio, USA
d: Dec. 23, 1946 in Franklin County, Ohio, USA

Obetz Cemetery was a challenging cemetery to visit as many records are very disorganized. However, a volunteer went to this cemetery and found no stone. They were told by the cemetery office that no marker is on this plot.

Ida Jane Townsend Sanborn
b: Apr. 25, 1867 in Valley Crossing, Franklin County, Ohio, USA
d: May 20, 1941 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA

Ida's also buried in Obetz Cemetery. She's supposed to be buried in Sect 8, lot 86, spc 3 but she wasn't found. The volunteer found another person in the same lot Stanley Jenkins but no marker for Ida Sanborn. I'll need to call the cemetery and ask if they can give you any information. Perhaps the wrong cemetery is listed in the records I've gathered.

Jefferson Babcock Ranck
b: Feb. 5, 1850 in Lockbourne, Franklin County, Ohio, USA
d: Jan. 13, 1902 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA
Elizabeth Jane Brown Ranck
b:  Jan. 16, 1850 in Hocking County, Ohio, USA
d: Oct. 27, 1900 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA

Jefferson and Elizabeth should be buried in Fernwood Cemetery in Lockbourne, Franklin County, Ohio. A volunteer searched the cemetery and came up empty-handed.

Section P, Lot 62
No headstone; grave is to the left of this marker.
Photograph by Mn8x
Mary E Gordon Booker
b: Aug. 19, 1829
d: Jan. 2, 1917

No stone is available for Mary Gordon, wife of Oakman Booker. However, the volunteer photographed where Mary was buried with an identification marker of another person's stone. This is much better than nothing when possible.

Emily "Emma" Stone Peak
b: Dec. 8, 1836 in Kentucky, USA
d: Nov. 12, 1913 in Dayton, Campbell County, Kentucky, USA

Great grandma Emma Peak should be buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Sec 31 Grave 1891. A volunteer searched the plot and found no stones for Emma. Perhaps she's buried in a different section? However, it's more likely that no stone was placed. Additionally, her husband William is not listed in the cemetery records.

Hoppe family marker
Mary Fink Hoppe
b: Aug. 31, 1839
d: Aug. 17, 1913

The volunteer named Anonymous has helped me so much in the Green Lawn cemetery. She had this to say about Mary Hoppe's memorial.
"There is no individual marker for Mary Fink Hoppe, only this family marker. The only individual marker for a Hoppe in Section W, Lot 175, is for Mary Ann Hoppe James."

Alright, that's enough of an update for now. Thank you to all the volunteers who serve as gravestone photographers. I know it's difficult work at times and often, no stone can be found. However, I appreciate even the news that no stone can be found. Hopefully, this list will prevent other family members from doing duplicate work.


  1. At least you have the name of the cemetery. I have a number of ancestors for whom I don't have even that information.

    1. Wendy. I have the same problem! I have ancestors where the cemetery listed on the death record is simply a town name. Frustrating.


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