Cousin Bait: John W Long and Hannah Patterson Moore

I'm looking for information on John W Long and Hannah Patterson Moore as well as their children. My genealogical connection is they are my third great-grandparents through their son
William Lester Long.

I have some information about John and Hannah Long and their children. I would really like more documentation, family stories, and photographs.

Here's what I know:

John W Long

born 16 Feb 1805 in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
died 8 Oct 1870 in New Haven, Huron, Ohio, United States

married on 31 Dec 1845 in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania

Hannah Patterson Moore

born 4 Aug 1841 in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania
died 14 Jun 1897 in New Haven, Huron, Ohio, United States

John W Long and Hannah Patterson Moore  had the following children:

Mary Long (1848 -)

Dr. William Lester Long (22 Jan 1849 - 28 Feb 1925)

Winfield Scott Long (Nov 1850 - )

Mary E Long (30 Apr 1851 - 6 Feb 1930)

Clara Adeline 'Addie' Long (16 Jun 1853 - 21 Jan 1938)

Francis Henry 'Frank' Long (27 Apr 1855 - 8 Feb 1933)

Charles A Long (Apr 1860 - 1861)

Again, these folks are my 3rd great grandparents and their children. I would love to know more about their history, and potentially find photos. Perhaps someone will be searching for the Long ancestors and land on this blog. Perhaps the distant relative will be inspired to connect with me after reading this post.

I do have information about William Lester Long to share.

I am throwing this fishing line in the water in hopes of learning more about my heritage and fill in the gaps on my family tree.


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