Surname Saturday: Baumgartner Plat Maps 1856

I found the Baumgartner name while I was researching in the Franklin County, Ohio 1872 Historical  Atlas and Plat Maps 1842, 1856, 1883 reference book. Though this is a very collateral line (husband of sister-in-law of grand uncle of my dad), I have a habit of snagging the research while I'm in the source just in case I was meant to find the record for someone else.

These maps are from the 1856 Plat Map section specifically for Jackson Township.

1856 Jackson Township, Franklin, Ohio

Just under the printed word 'Jackson' you'll find a collection of Baumgartner properties. This close-up image highlights the ones I found.

1856 Jackson Township, Franklin, Ohio
Baumgartner family properties highlighted

Thus far, I found a Jno, Levi, and H Baumgartner properties. The land sizes vary from about 60 to around 200 acres. Large enough to be seen on the map without too much difficulty. That's pretty impressive.

Hopefully, a Baumgartner relative will stumble across this research and find it beneficial. If it was redundant work, I'm okay with that. Looking at the maps was fun and I have more to share.


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