Amanuensis Monday: Mulford Bible Information

Nathan Mulford and Polly Tillinghart Bible Entry
Nathan Mulford and Polly Tillinghart Bible Entry
Copied from Mulford Family Bible dated 1837 in possession of Penny Geiszler [the bible no longer exists] great niece of Harriett Mulford.
Nathan Mulford was born July 10, 1759
Polly Tillinghart was born April 1766
Hannah Mulford was born June 18, 1790
Nathan Mulford, Jr was born March 14, 1792
Thomas Tillinghart Mulford was born May 20, 1798
Julius Foster Mulford was born March 17, 1802

Nathan Mulford died September 2, 1817 age 58 yrs
Hannah Mulford died April 20, 1819 age 28 yrs
Julius F Mulford died January 29, 1845 age 43 yrs
Polly Mulford died January 20, 1850 age 84 yrs

Bless my sweet mother's heart. She started doing genealogy in the late 70s. She had an aunt Harriet Mulford Long. Harriet and her siblings never had any children. Thus, the genealogical items found in Harriet's home when she passed, were given to my mother's mother. Thus, my grandmother gave the items to my mother when she showed an interest in family history research.

In the 35 years that transpired, my mother did not preserve the artifacts she obtained. Some of them were lost or discharged as my mother's own life circumstances changed. One of the items my mother received was the Mulford Family Bible. In addition to keeping the Bible, she made a transcription of the contents.

When I received the contents of my mother's genealogical records some years ago, there was no bible. The only thing I have left is the transcription she made above. For what it's worth, I'm sharing this information. Although my mother sought to follow this line because of her love for her great aunt Harriet, I have no interest in pursuing this line at this time. However, someone Mulford descendant might want this information.


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