Amanuensis Monday: Mulford Family Tree

I have a lot of tangent families in my stack of research. My mother's great aunt Anna Mulford married Dan Ray Long. They had no children but my mother adored Aunt Ana. So, when my mother became interested in genealogy, she received all of Aunt Anna's family records. I don't feel like I should spend much time on this family line. It sounds mean, but there are so many branches and connected tangents on my 'main lines' that I just need to know when too severe research ties.

Nevertheless, there was a Mulford Family Bible that passed into my mother's possession. Unfortunately, that bible no longer exists. The long, tragic story that I can't share. But I do have a surviving extract from that Bible for what it may be worth:

Surviving extraction from the Mulford Family Bible that no longer exists.

For those who are interested, here is what this extraction says:

Thomas Tillinghart Mulford
b 20 May 1798 Long Island, New York
d 23 Oct 1881

m 25 Mar 1821

Phebe Steward
b 1 July 1795
d 1 Sept 1860


Lewis Mulford
b 13 June 1822
d 26 Apr 1845

Polly Mulford
b 15 Oct 1824
d 30 Jan 1890

m 1st: George W Moore on 14 Jan 1844
    d. 24 Apr 1845
m 2nd: Francis M Chapman on 23 May 1847
    d. 18 Feb 1901
    Their child: George Polaski Moore
    b. 22 Nov 1844

Emeline Mulford
b. 19 Jan 1828
d, 2 Mar 1832

b. 23 Mar 1830
d 4 Jul 1892

m William Smith on 5 Dec 1848

Marion Mulford
b 15 Jan 1833
d 7 Jul 1909

m Elizabeth Born on 8 Mar 1866

    Thomas T Mulford Jr
    b 24 Aug 1867

    Anna Mulford
    b. 22 Jun 876
    d. 1978

    Harriet Mulford
    b. 2 Jul 1878
    d. 1968
    m Dan Ray Long

Harriet Mulford
b. 19 Mar 1835
d 27 Apr 1904 at Palacios Texas

m Dr. Charles Richards on 25 Mar 1858
    d 5 Feb 1890  


  1. Even if a relative never married and left no children, I sometimes do a little bit of research and share a bit about them. I feel like I'm doing a good thing by remembering those who don't have direct descendants to remember them. For example I wrote about my 2nd great grand aunt and her husband who had no children at From Maine to Kentucky.

    1. True. I have a few people in my great grandmother's Bible who had no children and I write about them. There are quite a few people I'm trying to remember because no one else will.


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