Will William's Grave Site Ever Be Found?

Will William Webb's Grave stone be found

Have you revisited the research trips you took and the things you left undone? Four years ago, I took a trip to Columbus, Ohio to visit cemeteries, especially Green Lawn Cemetery. Green Lawn Cemetery in massive and is said to be the fifth largest in Ohio.

At the time, was on the hunt for a collateral relative in Selection L. At the time, I couldn't find him.

Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio
Section L

My mission was to find the grave site of my great grandfather Andrew Nelson SMITH's second wife Marietta Webb SMITH's father. English immigrant William WEBB (1816-1905) is buried in Section L, while Andrew and Marietta Smith are buried on his ancestral plot in Section 35. 

When I visited Green Lawn, I was visiting 50+ sites and photographing additional stones in hopes

In the past, I would have had to pay  $3 per name for the information about individuals in buried in the cemetery. Regularly, I receive more information than I originally asked for no charge. I'm really loving the staff member there today.

Yet, I still have not seen a stone or at least a plot photograph for William Webb. Once again I placed a that others on FindAGrave would want them. At the time, the Green Lawn staff wasn't so accommodating with look-ups. I had prepared in advance to know each plot I wanted to visit so that I didn't have to get involved with the staff. When I had great difficulty finding William's stone, or even determining if I was standing on his plot at all, even without a stone, I was so confused. I left so disappointedly. Since then, I've found the Green Lawn Cemetery staff worker handing the genealogical side of things to be tremendously helpful. The photo request for William Webb in Section L. Perhaps someone will be able to stand where he's buried to photograph the site, stone or no.


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