Brown Family History: Lewis Sherman Brown

Lewis and his older brother Harry Brown
about 1920
Lewis Sherman Brown, my maternal grandfather, was born on 18 Sep 1918 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio to Sherman Lewis Brown and Emma Virginia Townsend. His birth certificate says that he was the ninth child born to Sherman, 51, and Emma, 38. To date, the names and dates of only 5 of the 9 children are known.
Birt Certificate for Lewis Sherman Brown
Scan of Original Birth Certificate for No Name Brown
Actually, he didn't receive a name when he was born. Once a name was determined, the couple had to add an addendum to his birth certificate so he would stop being 'No Name' Brown.
Birt Certificate for Lewis Sherman Brown
A scan of an original document, for Lewis Sherman Brown, name update for a birth certificate
In 1920, the family with four boys were living at 1888 Parsons Avenue. Lewis is 1 1/2, and his brothers are Eugene - 21, Samuel - 17, and Harry – 3. The family has lived in this home for about 3 years. Sherman is the proprietor of S L BROWN & SON garage for the same amount of time. The 'son' is Eugene, and occasionally Samuel.

Sherman Brown 1920 US Census
Family Search, United States Census, 1920. Record for Sherman Brown
Over the next decade, Lewis' older brothers would marry and move out of the family home.
In 1930, Lewis, his brother Harry, and parents moved to 438 Reeb Avenue. The family business is now simply Brown Automotive as Eugene and Samuel are pursuing other interests or at other businesses. Harry and Lewis are attending school.
Sherman Lewis Brown 1930 Census Record

Sherman Lewis Brown 1930 Census Record
Family Search, United States Census, 1930. Record for Sherman Brown

The next decade, which happens to include the Great Depression time period, had additional changes for his family members. First, his father stopped being a mechanic and became an ice truck deliverer.
In 1934, his brother Eugene's wife died and he married the sister of his deceased wife. In Jan 1937, Lewis' brother Harry married. In June 1937, father Sherman died at the age of 70. His mother would live another six years before dying in 1943.

Lewis started his family when he married Louise Eleanor Long on 27 Feb 1940. He and his bride cared for his mother until her passing, three years later.

Lewis and Louise had three daughters before he died on his 60th birthday of 18 Sep 1978 in Columbus, Ohio. Lewis met all of the 5 grandchildren belong to his oldest two daughters before his death.

This story is part of a lengthier piece about my grandfather Lewis Brown, who I have scrapbooked before. With the help of RootsMagic to organize my facts and supporting documents, I was able to follow my own a recipe for writing a family history. You can do the same!


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