Tombstone Tuesday: Samuel Ross 1817 - 1904

Photo by Devon Lee
Samuel Ross
Green Lawn Cemetery
Find A Grave Memorial #46968571
Do you ever come across a stone and wonder, is this the missing person I've been looking for? Well, I was taking pictures in Green Lawn Cemetery and I came across Samuel Ross (1817-1904) and I had this thought.

I have a Samuel J Ross who married Anna Margaretha Hoppe in 1889 (Franklin County, Ohio). I do not know the birth date or place for Samuel. Anna (also known as Annie) was born in Columbus 22 Jan 1869  and died 11 Jul 1896.

But that's all I know. So when I passed this stone, in the same cemetery where Anna was buried, I just wondered, "Could this be him?"

Probably not. Samuel Ross is a fairly common name. Without any further information to go off about my Samuel Ross, this stone is just an interesting stone with a similar name.


  1. Nice little mystery. I often come across stones with family names on and wonder if they are part of our tree.

    Beneath Thy Feet

    1. Nicola... I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Thanks for letting me know.


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