Moore / Patterson Brick Wall in 1840

I'd love to figure out more about my 3rd great-grandmother Hannah Patterson Moore. Her mother is supposed to be from County Down, Ireland according to family legend. But the thing that stands in my way, or at least that's what I think, is the 1840 US Census.

This is what I know about great-grandmother:

Hannah Patterson Moore
Birth 4 Aug 1814 in Clearfield, Clearfield, Pennsylvania, United States
Death 14 Jun 1897 in New Haven, Huron, Ohio, United States 
Her mother's name is supposed to be Jeannie Patterson. Father's last name is Moore but first name unknown. 
She married John W Long in 1845 and appears as Hannah Long in Lawrence, Clearfield, Pennsylvania in the 1850 US Census. I found other evidence of her until her death in 1897. 

No father's name has ever turned up. And I know very little of her mother, such as age or number of children she has. So, that also means I don't know who Hannah's siblings are.

When I attempted to go back to the 1840 US Census, I remembered it was going to be tough. I found a Jane Moore in Lawrence, Clearfield, Pennsylvania. That's where Hannah appeared with her husband in 1850.

"United States Census, 1840," Jane Moore, Lawrence, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

I noticed there were four people in this home. A male between 15 and 20, another male aged 20-30, a female aged 20-30 and another female aged 60-70. Hannah would have fit as the younger female, but I have only a theory to work with. I have no idea how to prove or disprove this information. I'd love ideas.

In the 1850 US Census, I found a Jane Moore with two sons living in Ferguson, Clearfield, Pennslyvania. I believe this is the same person as the one I found in the 1840 US Census above. The reason I believe that is because the names of people before or after Jane's name in the 1850 US Census match well with those found in the 1840 US Census. The ages of the family members also line up nicely between the two.

"United States Census, 1850," Jane Moore in household of Jane Moore,
Ferguson, Clearfield, Pennsylvania, United States
I'm not sure where Ferguson or Lawrence are and why the location changed (or if a name changed but not the location). That would have to been researched at some point.

I noticed something else. In the 1840 US Census, there were only five Moore families listed in Lawrence, Clearfield, Pennsylvania. I don't know if this is an interesting factoid or pertinent.

Search for Moores in Clearfield County Pennsylvania in 1840
Family Search

Perhaps this is my Jeannie, also known as Jane. I can't find any birth certificates online for Clearfield, PA at this time. I'd love to know if Hannah has a birth or baptism record and find more evidence of who might have been her parents.

It's just frustrating that when I get to the 1840 US Census, I don't know how to get around that brick wall. It doesn't have the names of children in a home to coincide with the parent's names. And there are no spouse names or marital status. So, how am I going to shatter the brick wall of my 3rd great-grandmother? I would love suggestions.


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